Spring Clean The Dead Weight On Your Resume

 Spring fever has you itching to clean a few things and start fresh.  While you are cleaning out your closet, under the bed, your Facebook friends list, and possibly the dead weight in you phone address book, take a look at the old resume and freshen it up a bit.  Don’t let your resume end up in the shredder instead of landing your next interview.

Why You Need To Be Up To Date

Your resume should be more than just the place where your old jobs go to die.  The resume is meant to be a marketing and sales tool, highlighting your best experience, and advises an employer of your skill set. If your resume contains old positions, doesn’t highlight your current accomplishments, or is generally boring you are likely preventing yourself from being moved on to the next round of interviews.

Created A Targeted Resume

There is no such thing as a one-size fits-all resume. You shouldn’t send your generalized boring resume out to every single employer.  Your resume should be directly tailored to the skill set requested and required by your potential employer. Create more than one version of your resume by including keywords your next employer values. Identify buzzwords by examining organizations’ websites, reviewing LinkedIn profiles that share your targeted job title, and reviewing job descriptions.

Engage employers with a funnel strategy. First, determine your focused job target. Then develop a concise summary that emphasizes your unique value and expertise for that target. Next, incorporate keywords for that target. Finally, show proof with job descriptions that emphasize challenges, actions, and results.

Cut The Deadweight

Employers skim your resume and within 30 seconds (or six for someone like me) you have been sized up, chewed up, and spit out.  No one has time to read your latest novel, aka your resume.  Try to limit the document to only one page.  (I just heard you gasp for breath and squeal in outrage).  YES!  Most employers only want a one page resume.  No one has time to read your dissertation.   Go through each and every entry and make sure the information highlights your current and relevant skill set and value for your potential employer.  Clear work-history clutter, and your relevant value will shine through.

Sharing is Caring

Your resume is your baby.  However, you maybe too close to the document to be objective.  Let a friend, colleague, or LeadYou( shameful plug) review your resume and provide constructive feedback. You may not see the errors and lack of attention to detail.  A fresh eye can change your perspective.

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