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Did You Know Recruiters and Hiring Managers Only Spend About 20-30 Seconds Reviewing Your Resume?  84% of Hiring Managers Report That Your Resume Is Likely Too Long, Too Boring, And Not Targeted.

The vast majority of online job submissions require strategic keywords. If your documents lack these terms you may be missing out on great opportunities!! Today, each new job posting elicits an average of 300-400 resumes and about 30-50% of these documents do not include key words!! Wowzers. Don’t let this happen to you!!


Creating a Dynamic Cover Letter

A cover letter is an integral tool of your job search. Perhaps in the past you have been able to get good jobs with a mediocre cover letter, but in uncertain times, your cover letter becomes the main tool that can determine whether your resume is read and whether you are even considered as a candidate for a position.

We Will Work With You, One On One

Need help creating, drafting, or revising your resume and cover letter ? You seldom get a second chance to make a first impression – and a resume and cover letter  typically serve as a job candidate’s first impression.  You will receive a  professional resume and cover letter, based on proven strategies and techniques, that can be used in effectively marketing themselves to you employer of choice.

  • A Detailed and Focused Resumes and Cover Letters
  • Entice Your Reader
  • Utilize Key Words To Make It Through The Search Phase
  • Effectively Tailor Your Documents To Seek The Job You Want

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