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Job Hunting Sucks, What's Your Plan?Job hunting sucks.  No one wakes up on any given day shouting, “YES, today I get to search for jobs and possibly never hear anything back.” If you do, well, that is a different story. If you are having a hard time landing a position, are not hearing back regarding your submissions, or are feeling like moving to the Dominican Republic to sell fruit on the beach is easier than landing a day job, this article is for you.  Here are few tips to start having meaningful discussions and creating your tailored search. [click to continue…]

5 Things To Definitely Leave Off Your Resume



Most job seekers include way too much information on their resume.  Including irrelevant and excessive information on your resume is a sure fire way to lose your audience.  Here are a few tips to prevent your resume from resembling an episode of Hoarders.

1. An Objective Statement  – Leave this dinosaur in prehistoric times.  This clunker is using up prime real estate.  Put yourself in the shoes of your tech savvy recruiter/hiring manager/HR fancy pants.  They are usually too lazy to click print and are reading your documents on a computer screen, smartphone, or tablet.  The top 1/4th of your resume needs to be so darn intriguing that they want to lift their finger (such a heavy task) to scroll down. [click to continue…]

Spring Clean The Dead Weight On Your Resume


 Spring fever has you itching to clean a few things and start fresh.  While you are cleaning out your closet, under the bed, your Facebook friends list, and possibly the dead weight in you phone address book, take a look at the old resume and freshen it up a bit.  Don’t let your resume end up in the shredder instead of landing your next interview.

Why You Need To Be Up To Date

Your resume should be more than just the place where your old jobs go to die.  The resume is meant to be a marketing and sales tool, highlighting your best experience, and advises an employer of your skill set. If your resume contains old positions, doesn’t highlight your current accomplishments, or is generally boring you are likely preventing yourself from being moved on to the next round of interviews.

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