What Your Interview Style Says About You


According to the Wall Street Journal, recruiters spend an average of 9.5 hours screening resumes and applicants for a single job opening. Even then, there’s no guarantee the person is right for the job, especially when certain interview styles raise some red flags.

With tight competition comes the need for quick decision-making, even if those judgements have to be made based on the candidate’s personality or overall demeanor. When it comes down to it, the real challenge for candidates is to avoid some not-so-attractive interview styles and counter them with their own personal strengths.

So, here are some common interview styles that may not be the best way to land a job — and some solutions to solve them. [click to continue…]

Ask A Job Coach: I Didn’t Get The Job! How Do I Request Feedback?


BummedDear Job Coach:

I recently interviewed for a position I was really interested in.  I mean I prepped, I immersed myself, and I researched the company inside and out.  I just received my rejection letter.  I am so bummed out and angry because I know I did a great job.  I wasn’t sure I made a connection with the interviewer, however, and that may be the reason I wasn’t selected.

Can I ask the interviewer for feedback?  I really want to know why I wasn’t selected for the position.

Bummed in Brooklyn

Dear Bummed: [click to continue…]

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